Quality guarantee

Mechanische Industrie Menzing is a leading first line supplier to international organizations in the field of power generation.
We believe in quality, reliability and flexibility. Our organization focuses on creating opportunities which are geared towards a client’s success.

We can guarantee the quality of our products by keeping an eye on progress during a number of different moments in the production process of an order:

  • entry check
  • first production check
  • interim check (dependent on the size of the series)
  • final production check
  • final check in inspection room

Wenzel LH87 3D inspection machine

x / y / z: 1500/800/700mm


Wenzel LHXO 3D
inspection machine x / y / z: 800x1000x550


Werth Optimus 300 2 dimensional conventional inspection X = 50-400mm, Y = 50-200mm


Trimos 600 + Altimeter 600 mm


Garant Perthometer H1
Surface finish measurement machines, surface roughness from Ra, Rz, Rmax
Guaranteed by our highly trained staff

Certification inspection (Spectral analysis)

  • Certificering (3-1b) Upgrade (3-1c / 3-1d)

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